What are Orgone Devices

If an Orgone Device has stumbled its way into your life you may be wondering what this curious thing does.

Typical Wax Orgone Devices

Typical Wax Orgone Devices.


  • Turns negative energy associated with cell phones, wifi and other EMF/EMR into a positive state
  • Is great for rebalancing the energy of any location and creating a positive atmosphere
  • Promotes restful sleep and pleasant dreams
  • Wards off negativity and promotes a positive demeanour
  • Helps with back, joint and arthritis pain
  • Soothes pets and animals as well as humans
  • Helps plants grow faster and larger
  • Works continuously without power
  • Helps with stress, headaches, and fatigue caused by overexposure to electronics
  • Elevates moods
Typical Resin Orgone Devices

Typical Resin Orgone Devices.

Don’t believe it, try it for yourself! It has found its way to you for a reason, give it a chance.

How do Orgone Devices work?

In the 1930’s and 40’s Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered what he called Orgone Energy. This energy has many names and is also known as etheric, prana, life force, chi, cosmic, etc. Orgone energy is found everywhere in both positive and negative states. He found that by stacking layers of fibreglass (organic) and steel wool (inorganic) he could accumulate this energy. He was then able to prove and detect this energy with a modified Geiger counter.

Wilhelm Reich's original orgone accumulator box

Wilhelm Reich’s original orgone accumulator box.

Dr Reich had done a lot of research into this energy and was criticized quite heavily. He was eventually shut down by the FDA and they burned all his work, leaving a lot of unknowns surrounding Orgone energy. More recently in continuing Reich’s work it was discovered that if a clear quartz crystal under the piezoelectric effect (pressure) was added to the inorganic/organic mixture it could transmute the accumulated energy from its negative state to its positive one.

An look at what is inside a wax orgone device

A look at what is inside a wax orgone device

What Else Are They Called?

Orgone Devices are known by many names such as orgonite, organite, orgone-ite, orgone generators, orgone transformer, orgone matrix, tower busters (TB), cloudbusters or chembusters (CB), holy hand grenade (HHG), earth pipes (EP), they are all the same thing. For the sake of simplicity we will call them Orgone Devices.