Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions, have one of your own? Contact Us!

Q: Will Orgone Devices cure me of (insert ailment here)?

A: I don’t believe Orgone energy will heal you alone. Don’t think of it as a medicine but more of an aid to the healing process because it can clear away a lot of negativity. Nothing can replace proper diet, exercise, and a real doctor. It has been known to help with back and joint pain as well as sleep disorders. The best advice I have is experiment yourself with Orgone Energy and see what it can do for you.

Q: What is ‘Gifting’?

A: Gifting refers to giving away orgone devices to places or people that are in need of an energy transformation. Often people will ‘gift’ cell phone towers, trees, playgrounds, hospitals, libraries, parks, people down on their luck, etc. They can either be left somewhere or buried in the ground. If you found an orgone device or were given one you were gifted!

Q: What are Orgone Devices Made of?

A: An Orgone Device must contain three basic materials. A 50/50 mixture of inorganic/organic materials and a crystal. The 50/50 mixture collects orgone energy from it’s ambient surroundings. Typically the organic is polyester/fibreglass resin but it can also be wax, then the inorganic is usually metal shavings and metal coils. The smaller the pieces of metal are means a greater surface area which only strengthens the device. Lastly a crystal under the piezoelectric effect (pressure) is required. Typically it is clear quartz but can also be amethyst or citrine. When the crystal is under pressure it polarizes electrically and this is what converts the accumulated orgone energy from its negative state to a positive one.

Q: What is EMF?

A: EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field or Frequency. It is a physical field created by electrically charged objects and determines how it interacts with other electrically charged objects. This interaction (electromagnetism) is one of the four fundamental forces of nature. Why this is important for orgone energy is because certain things have greater EM fields (the more powerful the greater the field) These targets are best for the device because it allows a wider area to be influenced with positive state orgone energy. (Cell Phones and Wifi routers are two of the best spots to keep orgone devices close by). It is believed that all sources of EMF create orgone energy in its negative state. If Orgone Devices are near a source then it is believed it will have a wider range of positive conversion. Recommended to place Orgone Devices near electronics, especially ones that emit a frequency to communicate.

Q: What is EMR?

EMR is closely related to EMF and it stands for Electromagnetic Radiation. It is an energy produced and absorbed by charged particles which takes on a wave like formation as it travels. You may also know it as the electromagnetic spectrum

Electromagnetic spectrum

Q: Can You Feel Orgone Energy?

A: It depends, some people can, some can’t. In our experience more intuitive people can feel the energy quite easily, but we believe everyone can feel the energy over time. It is easiest to feel the energy in your non dominant hand. Try holding an orgone device in that hand and seeing how you sense it. Some people report a tingling sensation, others heat, others a vibration. Others have reported it gives them energy and drive that coffee couldn’t. Another way to sense the energy is to place it in a room, and walk in and out of the room from a distance. Most people will sense the room that it is in is more calm and pleasant to be in. It can take a few weeks for a space to fully be cleansed and have all the energy balanced. People also report pets will tend to sleep in the room where a device is.