What is the Halifax Gifting Project

The Halifax Gifting Project consists of 3 main goals: bringing positive energy to HRM, community sourced experimentation, and inspiring others to experience or experiment with orgone devices.

Bring Positive Energy to HRM

One of the greatest benefits I notice from orgone devices is the EMF/EMR stress reduction. Being a student in a lecture hall of 170 people, I know what it is like to feel the strain our electronics can put on us. Many students, who all have a cellphone (sometimes 2!), also have a laptop, ipad, etc. all sending out and receiving signals in a small room. I call it electrostress and I define it as stress, fatigue, and headaches caused by overexposure to electronics. I’m positive all of us have felt it at one point or another, whether it is staying up too late watching TV, on the computer, etc.

Since discovering the power of orgone energy it has become my mission to bring more of it to HRM through ‘gifts’ and raising awareness with this website. I know it is very beneficial and great things will come from the widespread placement of orgone devices.

When you first hear about orgone energy and devices generally there are three types of reactions, fascination, skepticism, or confusion. All are completely understandable and until you experience an orgone device yourself you won’t truly know what it is. I first heard about it in november of 2012 and had mixed results ordering some over the internet. However the troubles of online shopping didn’t deter me and I was determined to get some “tower busters” and experience it for myself. From the moment I received the package I knew I stumbled onto something big that has become a passion for me.

Community-Sourced Experimentation

There is a lot of information online about orgone energy and devices, some of it comes from websites that look like they’re from the 90’s, as well as forums developed by others around the world. One of the biggest problems I have with explaining orgone devices to people is their skepticism as there have been very few academic studies or even proven experiments on its effectiveness.

Something like orgone energy is bound to get a lot of criticism and one of the main goals of the Halifax Gifting Project is to change that. If a whole community was able to experience, spread, and experiment with orgone devices, I’m certain it would show only great results and would help to push experimentation with orgone energy worldwide.

I know Halifax is open-minded enough to try a community-sourced experiment with it and discover amazing results. Let alone the large university population, there are bound to be some interesting experiments and results to come about. This website will have a list of experiments people can do as well as results sent in from the ‘gifted’ community.

Inspire Others to Experience / Experiment

The final goal of the Halifax Gifting Project is to show the world the results of a community gifting project and inspire communities around the globe to do the same. While there are thousands of individuals worldwide who have been ‘gifting’ orgone devices to their communities and surroundings, nothing has been done to an extent of a full scale group wide implementation and cooperation. I believe Halifax could  be on the leading edge to what has been known as the gifting movement around the globe, and I’m passionate to help make it happen.